Best 223 55gr FMJBT 500 rds Barnaul

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223 55gr FMJBT 500 rds Barnaul Picture

223 55gr FMJBT 500 rds Barnaul Overview:

500 Rounds Barnaul Ammo .223 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail rounds of Barnaul steel, plycoated .223 ammunition. It is 55 gr., FMJBT non-corrosive, steel cased, and berdan primed.Please check out our website SHOOTAMMO.COM for more ammo! Shipping to be paid by the buyer at a flat fee of $25 Buyer must be 18 years old or older. 

As American as 45Auto, .223Rem (5.56×45) has been the standard round of the US military for over 55 years.

Developed for the original AR-15, .223 Remington has become one of the most popular sporting rounds with shooters and hunters in the United States.

This lightweight, high-velocity round lends itself to being chambered with various styles of rifles from bolt action to semi-auto and belt-fed.

This ammunition features a 55-grain, boat tail, full metal jacket projectile.

These cartridges are imported from Russia and are new production.

They are polymer coated steel cased, non-corrosive and Berdan primed.

These make for remarkable plinking ammo at a great price.

223 55gr FMJBT 500 rds Barnaul specifications:

Barrel Length:9″

Muzzle Velocity:2,591 FPS

Maximum Point Blank Range:   2,591    YDS


1 review for Best 223 55gr FMJBT 500 rds Barnaul

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