BUY 308 BRASS Primed and Unprimed Quantity of 1000

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Specifications for Lapua .308 Winchester Unprimed Rifle Brass:
Gun Type: Rifle
Bullet Type: Brass
Caliber: .308 Winchester
Primed: No
Brass Quantity: 100 Piece

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 308 Brass offers the reloader a wide variety of choices in high grade brass cases.

New brass cases are made in our Idaho facility to SAAMI specifications, and are available either unprimed or primed.

Remanufactured 308 Brass goes through several rigorous steps to ensure you are getting a quality component at a great price. The brass is full length sized back to factory new SAAMI specs, the primer pockets are reamed, then it is checked and washed using the latest technology available only to the X-Treme Brass and Freedom Munitions line of ammunition. This is premium ready to load brass which ensures reliable performance every time you pull the trigger.
Remanufactured brass is available in either unprimed or primed.


There are many ways to make sure you have enough 308  brass for reloading. You can go to the range and crawl around the ground on all fours like that little creep from the Lord of the Rings movies, plucking up old cases whenever you find them. You can order bulk ammo and simply pocket whatever pops out of your chamber. You can even get accepted to the United States Army Sniper School, build up a respectable collection of empty brass, go AWOL, and then spend your life on the lam stopping only to reload once the authorities have lost your trail.

But the easiest way to ensure your brass supply is to order a package of 1,000 308 cases by Armscor. The Philippine manufacturer usually loads their new brass cases themself, but they also package them au naturel once they’ve been washed for the benefit of savvy handloaders such as yourself.

These cases are a better deal because Armscor did not give them primers – you thus have total control over so important an aspect of your handloads’ performance. Make sure you check out our .30 caliber bullet selection so long as you’re passing by.

Product Information on  the 308 Brass

  • Manufacturer: Winchester
  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Finish: Brass
  • Quantity: 1000 pieces per box

Features of Lapua .308 Winchester Unprimed Rifle Brass

  • The base of the case: The Lapua case heads are drawn exceptionally hard for unmatched reloadability and for an exceptionally long life cycle to serve top shooters time and time again. The brass dimensions remain constant and will hold primers tight in their pockets even after many reloadings.
  • The brass body: The brass body section of Lapua cases is hard and resilient for unmatched durability. It is easy to extract after firing, whether the reloader opts for full sizing or neck sizing only.
  • The case neck: Strict tolerances in concentrity and wall thickness are used in manufacturing of the case neck. The neck and shoulder of Lapua cases are annealed to withstand repeated reloading.