Alliant Reloder 26 Smokeless Magnum Rifle Powder (1 lb)


Alliant Reloder 26 Smokeless Powder

Enjoy consistency and power with Alliant Reloder 26 magnum rifle powder from Bulk Ammunition Store. Choose from 1 lb canisters and 8 lb jugs of this smokeless powder

7 reviews for Alliant Reloder 26 Smokeless Magnum Rifle Powder (1 lb)

  1. Todd Hysinger

    Just starting experimenting with this in my 280 with 150-160 grain bullets..Velocities are very impressive, even besting my favorite load with Reloder 22 by almost 100 fps, without pushing it to over-pressure levels, but it does fill the case. So, to get the best speeds, compressed loads are required. Accuracy is good, easily MOA, and I think it will get better with a little more load development. But Reloder 22 beats it in the 140 gr and under bullets. Meters decent and is about as clean burning as 22..If I can get the accuracy I do with RL-22 from this powder, this may replace RL-22 as my powder of choice for 154 gr Interbonds. Only problem is you can never find it in stock in the stores.

  2. Hugh Spence

    Just rebarreled my Md70 with a Hart 1:9 twist to shoot the Nosler Accubond longrange 150gr bullet. I got the group down to a .4″ group but when I switched to the Berger 150’s it shrunk to .15″ and the muzzle velocity was 3143fps by a magneto chronograph. The load was two grains under Alliant max load.

  3. Doug Rowe

    I’ve seen good results with this powder in a few different cartridges, a 243 win being one of them. It was bothering me that I couldn’t use it in my 260 rem or so I thought because there was no load data from alliance. I started comparing 243/260, powders and bullets and came up with my own load for the 260 rem with reloder 26 and 143gr eld-x bullets. Now my loads were compressed but not as much as I have done with other powder in the 260 rem. I worked up to my upper load with no signs of pressure at all. I put these done a 20″ barrel with 1 in 8″ twist and got 2835fps. This is about 150fps on average over a lot of powders I’ve used out of a 20″ barrel.

  4. Darrel

    I’m adding to my post below. I finally got some 150gr sierra gamekings for my browning a-bolt 270wsm. With a max load of reloder 26 I got 3191fps from a 23″ barrel. My best accuracy was achieved one grain down from max with 3 shots touching. I gave my friend some of this powder to try out in his 243win. and he had really good luck with it also. I’m sorry but I forgot what he said his barrel length and velocities were but he did say it was the fastest and most accurate powder he has used in his rifle and he has tried alot. He did a five shot string for standard deviation and only seen 3fps s.d.!

  5. Randy

    Tried RL26 in a custom short-throat 300 Wby, a 270 WSM, and a 280 Ackley. The 300 Wby has a 26″ custom barrel with a short throat like a standard 300H&H. It appeared to me this powder was designed for heavy for caliber bullets in magnum cartridges. In the 300 Wby I used 200 grain ELDX loaded to fit the M70 magazine,.060 from the lands, which yielded 3045 average velocity with a 0.246″ group at 100 yds. In the 270WSM I tried the 130 Swift, all that was available at the time, in a factory 270WSM, worked up and then backed off to an average velocity of 3325 with a 0.65″ group. In the 280 Ackley I tried 150TTSX with several loads and was unable to get a group under 2″, same with the 160TSX. It was too cloudy to get chronograph readings with the 280. The accuracy of the 270 WSM with the relatively light 130 gr. bullets surprised me, have not yet tried it with heavier bullets. This is obviously an outstanding powder with heavy for caliber bullets in magnum cartridges. It appears to have great potential for other magnum loadings as well.

  6. Jim

    Like the gentleman below this is a new powder and trying to get some info out there for you. First rifle vanguard accuguard 300 wby mag 24 inch barrel and is brand new to me so I can’t comment on accuracy good or bad.I used alliant load info as close as I could and split the difference between 180gr and 220gr load info listed to load my 200gr loads. I used new necked nosler brass with win. magnum primers. Temp was 60* at 1100ft for both rifles/loads info. I loaded up some 180gr accubonds over rl26 at 83.5grs, 84grs and 84.5grs. 84.5grs was the more accurate load and clocked 3152fps through a magnetospeed chrony. I seen no signs of high pressure what so loads were 200gr barnes lrx-bt over rl26 at 81gr, 81.5grs and 82gr. At 82grs they clocked 2921fps and again showed no signs of high pressure. Browning a-bolt 2 270 wsm 23 inch barrel, Norma brass with win. magnum primers. 130gr ttsx-bt over rl26 69gr, 69.5gr and 70gr. 70grs was the most accurate and lazering to the target at 3413fps!!! 140gr accubonds over rl26 at 68gr, 68.5gr and 69grs. 68gr was the most accurate and 68.5gr clocked a whopping 3315fps. Also no signs of high pressures. Rifle barrels seemed to take a little more to clean and did notice smoke in the air at the range after discharge. Overall I was pleased with this powder and look forward to retesting in the fall when Temps drop.

  7. Ivan

    Just started working with Reloder 26 and I like it well enough to spend some time with it. For now, I thought I would pass along some results on velocity from a couple of loads. 24″ Barrel – 200 Feet – 52° 7MM Remington Magnum – 140 grain AccuBond – 71.0 grains RL-26 – 3,210 fps. 7MM WSM – 160 grain AccuBond – 71.0 grains RL-26 – 3,190 fps. Both of these loads weigh just shy of Alliant’s data for similar Nosler bullets. Work up your own loads from the data you find at Alliant, but I thought my results might be of interest to some. I hope Nosler and Hornady will soon give us some data on both RL-26 and RL-23.

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