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Overview OF Mosin Nagant

To start this look at the M91/30 Mosin Nagant and its major carbine versions, the M38 and M44, we first need to look back in time to reflect and know where the design came from.

mosin nagants

In 1891, the Three Line Rifle was introduced into the service of the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire was formed in 1721. Obviously, this time period is pre-modern day Russia, and even pre-USSR.

The Three Line rifle would be fielded by the Russian Empire until 1930 when an overhaul of the design was made that brought about a few advancements, but the general shape of the Mosin stayed the same. At that point, the M1891 would be known as the M91/30.

History Of mosin nagant

Looking back through the decades gives us a pretty good glance at where the Mosin Nagant rifle has been.

Until recently, most of these relics have been tucked into storage while soaked in cosmoline since the fall of the USSR. Cosmoline is a generic petroleum-based product that has been used to help prevent rust and preserve the condition of these old warhorses of a rifle.

Funny enough, when the rifle was introduced the cavalry wasn’t mechanized as it is today, so they were quite literally fielded from horseback. This is one of the driving factors in the development of a carbine version sometimes referred to as Cossack Rifles. They were developed and sighted to be used without bayonets. This is a logical choice as the chances of injuring the mount or the soldier was much higher with a bayonet either in their pack or mounted on the rifle itself.

Although it would appear like the rifle did not progress much over time, you have to keep in mind the country of origin and their philosophy when it comes to tools and even weapons for that matter.

Inventors mosin nagant

Sergei Ivanovich Mosin, who was a Russian Engineer and a Major General in the Russian Imperial Army is said to be the main contributor to the design of the Mosin-Nagant rifle. His original design was called the Three Line Rifle.

General Mosin was entered into a military academy around the age of 12 and continued his education through several different ones until he graduated in 1875 and was sent to the Tula Arsenal where he worked in the machining division.

Leon Nagant, a Belgian, became attached to the rifle development after his submission failed and he filed a field suit after obtaining patents based off of Mosin’s designs. Mosin could not file for patents as the design was viewed as property of Russia and not his own as he was a military officer.

Development Of mosin nagant caliber

At the turn of the age when black powder became a thing of the past, many standing armies the world over realized they needed a new, improved rifle to put in the hands of their fighting men.

Some nations decide to make entirely new rifles along with the cartridges to shoot them to be able to take full advantage of the continuing advancement of technology and manufacturing processes. Some like to stick with what they know to work best.

The latter is what the Russian government chose to do as they sought to update their stock of Three Line Rifles or M1891’s into the M91/30.

A vast majority of their former stock was converted into the M91/30.

The changes included simplification of the receiver and slight adjustments to the sights. Also, there were changes in the forestock and barrel bands.

Caliber/Cartridge mosin nagant for sale

The Mosin-Nagant caliber is the 7.62x54mmR and we previously covered the 7.62x54mmR cartridge in-depth, we will briefly recap here.


The 7.62x54R cartridge is a fully rimmed cartridge firing a .30 caliber ball round. The primer and powder both can be corrosive, and damage your rifle if left uncleaned.

This cartridge was developed in replacement of previous black powder rounds and has seen vast use in almost every theater of war since in Europe, Asia, and even in the Middle East and Africa.


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