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Description Of 300 blackout magazine

This is a 10-Pack of Gen M3 Magpul 30-round PMAG magazines for AR-15 rifles in .223 Rem/5.56x45mm

Built from crush- and impact-resistant polymer with black oxide-coated stainless steel internal springs, removable baseplates and special dust covers, Magpul’s Gen M3 PMAGs are some of the most advanced and reliable polymer magazines on the market.

Magpul’s PMAG magazines deliver superior reliability and durability compared to standard-issue steel magazines at half the weight. With rugged internals and a service life that lasts roughly as long as your rifle’s barrel, it’s no surprise they’ve become some of the world’s most popular rifle magazines.

These Gen M3 PMAGs feature new slimmer baseplates, a special paint pen dot matrix for easier labeling, a re-designed bolt catch and modified internal geometry that’s optimized for the FN SCAR 16S and the HK 416/MR556A1. All Magpul PMAGs are proudly made in America.

Get your all-in-one arsenal with a 10-pack of PMAG magazines today!

Made in U.S.A.

What magazine do I use for 300 Blackout?

300 AAC is technically compatible with 5.56 magazines. You can run the . 300 Blackout through 5.56 magazines without issues. However, it’s always a good idea to use magazines specifically made for the caliber you’re loading on your rifle.


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