50 Rounds of 9mm Ammo by Federal LE BallistiClean – 100gr RHT Frangible


Federal’s BallistiClean ammunition is devoted to your safety. This 9mm cartridge’s 100 grain bullet is not only lightweight to spare you the discomfort of heavy recoil, but furthermore free of toxic lead that ignition could have evaporated into your breathing space. Best of all, this round’s Reduced Hazard Training bullet is totally frangible, so it will collapse into dust rather than risk sending dangerous splash-back your way as you’re honing your aim on steel targets!


This cartridge’s propellant burns cleanly, which works hand in hand with its non-corrosive Boxer primer to keep your firearm in better shape until its next cleaning. Federal knows you don’t want to load one of these rounds in your EDC before you hit the streets, so they gave it an “NT” headstamp and plated its primer with copper to make it instantly identifiable as a training round. Shoot steel confidently with the power of BallistiClean!


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