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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.30 × 6 × 1.4 in
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200 Round Pack – 6.5 carcano brass For Handloading by Prvi Partizan – Primed Brass Only – Not Loaded Ammo



For more than 100 years, the golden rule at NORMA has been precision and quality in everything we make. NORMA brass has long been a household name for cases in a league of their own, made of the best possible raw materials with the narrowest tolerances ensuring long life and many reloads.

6.5 carcano brass


  • Neck – Annealed to achieve proper elasticity and prevent splitting, NORMA cases are then put through a final polish process to ensure superior appearance in addition to superior performance
  • Shoulder – NORMA applies over a century of experience and proprietary tooling to ensure dimensionally perfect headspace
  • Body – Laboratory Inspection ensures proper hardness over the length of the case; softer at the neck, getting progressively harder towards the case head.
  • Tolerances – In-house tooling production allows NORMA to not only control tolerances of the finished product, but of the production tools and machines themselves. With tooling tolerances down to 7 thousands of a millimeter, NORMA is proud to have the tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Flash Hole – Three quality control inspections for the flash hole ensure a perfect centered and burr free product. Benchrest quality in every case!
  • Primer Pocket – Proper hardness of the primer pocket is critical to long case life. At NORMA, each production run is tested to a minimum of ten reloading cycles

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.30 × 6 × 1.4 in

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