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Starting around 1928, Prvi Partizan has been creating custom 6.5×52 ammunition in Serbia for rivalry, indoor reaches and major game hunting. Delicate point ba delicate slugs include a delicate lead uncovered nose that make controlled extension and a uniform mushroom. This ammo is new item, non-destructive , in fighter prepared , reloadable metal cases.


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The 6.5×52 ammois among the original of little drag, smokeless powder military cartridges when it was embraced in its refined structure in 1891 by the Italian military. Its round shot tended to tumble when it came into contact with … indeed, truly anything, yet the length of the projectile gave long reach dependability to the objective. Furthermore, the standard burdens had a discernibly more agreeable backlash than other standard rifle adjusts, in any event, when shot from the light Carcano carbines made for the big guns and infantry units of the Italian military.

The 139 grain round nosed, full metal jacketed round by PRVI can leave the muzzle at up to 2526 ft per second with 1969 foot pounds of energy. This is a round made ideally for target shooting with these handy little rifles.

There once was a time that only a few munitions makers would provide this caliber and they would fetch a premium, which drove the price of these surplus rifles almost literally into the ground. PRVI Partizan offers these calibers at a reasonable cost, especially considering they are even provided on boxer primed cases. Offering commercial grade quality with military standards, Partizan has fast become a favorite among historical firearms enthusiasts.


The 6.5×52mm Carcano, also known as the 6.5×52mm Parravicini–Carcano or 6.5×52mm Mannlicher–Carcano, is an Italian military 6.5 mm (. 268 cal, actually 0.2675 inches) rimless bottle-necked rifle cartridge, developed from 1889 to 1891 and used in the Carcano 1891 rifle and many of its successors.
Brand Prvi PPU
Caliber 6.5×52 ammo
Model Rifle
Bullet Weight 123 Grain
Bullet Type Soft Point
Reloadable Yes
Case Type Brass
Rounds Per Box 20 Rounds Per Box
Boxes Per Case 10 Boxes Per Case
Muzzle Energy 1984 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity 2690 fps

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6.5x52 ammo