CCI Primers #209M Shotshell Magnum Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

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Primers are continuously tested and improved. As a result, today’s CCI primers are more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than ever before. They utilize modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

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33 reviews for CCI Primers #209M Shotshell Magnum Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

  1. carina Williams

    I’ve always used CCI ,400 and 450 primers but they where out of stock so I ordered the NO. 41’s because that’s all I could find I loaded 300 in 5.56 and 300 in 300 BLK and went out plinking I had more duds then ones that went off , when priming everything went smooth like always I really think I go..

  2. Boby Peters

    First time I use cci 41 work fine no misfires (100 rd.)

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a frien

  3. Graig

    Work fine in the AR platform which is what they are designed for to reduce the chance of a slam fire. They worked in an M1 Carbine but had a few failure to fire with deep centered primer strikes. So they are not for all military style semi auto rifles.

  4. Alan Dickson

    I’ve always used CCI ,400 and 450 primers but they where out of stock so I ordered the NO. 41’s because that’s all I could find I loaded 300 in 5.56 and 300 in 300 BLK and went out plinking I had more duds then ones that went off , when priming everything went smooth like always I really think I got a bad batch of primers , I finally found a place that had some CCI 450 primers and I loaded 30 rounds for a test and not one miss fired so I believe I got a bad box of 41’s

  5. kenenth Osten

    I grabbed a brick of these when they became available. I switched to 41’s after finding out that CCI 400’s can’t handle modern-pressure (50,000+ psi) loads in 223 or 308 Win/260 Rem/6.5 CM) with small rifle primer cases – lots of pierced primers. In my 223 loads with my previous brick of CCI 41s (behind 23.7 gn AA2460 and 69 gn SMKs in GD “A”-stamped brass) I’m getting 10-round SDs in the low to mid teens, and 2-1/2″ 10-round groups at 300 yards through a Stag lefty upper with a WOA 20″ 1:8″ HBAR. I ordered these on Tuesday morning and they arrived here (UPS Hazmat ground freight) in the middle of the Western desert 76 hours later, and Christmas is only a week away. Good work, Midway and UPS!

  6. Franky


    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

  7. Junior Linda

    Thay are good primers. When that’s all Midway USA Has in stock for the last year and a half. I prefer bench rest primers

  8. Linda james

    Reloading for ar price has gotten stupid was 159 for 5ths now for 1ths

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

  9. Hans john

    I use CCI #41 for 300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, and 5.56 reloads in my AR15 style firearms. Ignites the powders efficiently, for good burns in both short barrels and standard 16,18-, and 20-inch barrels.

  10. ken wall

    I have an 1873 revolver in 357 mag. I dearly love this firearm, but it has a very strong hammer spring and about 50% of the time the firing pin perforates the standard primer leaving the indentation black colored. I make my own ammo, and decided to try these No 41’s as they are made of tougher material per nato spec. Problem solved.. have had 100% reliability and no more primer perforations. Don’t know how they would work for other people as often these primers don’t work well for handguns. For me, they do the job.

  11. Robert Kashwer

    I use these in all of my AR small rifle calibers.

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend visionammo store to a friend

  12. Perry Rollands

    I only use 2 small rifle primers the CCI-41’s and the CCI-450’s but I prefer the 41’s unless I’m using large rifle brass that takes small rifle primers then I use the 450’s…

  13. Douglas metts

    Reliable w/no mis-fires to date, but you must swage-out military brass primer pockets to keep from crushing primer when inserting them in used brass (crushed many before learning this the hard way). I use RCBS primer pocket swage in single stage press – gives more leverage than little models & the handle doesn’t bend/break, then use Lyman reamer tool to clean-out any excess brass in pocket before washing/tumbling brass w/steel pin media (don’t forget an empty .45 case full of lemonwash to deep-clean/shine brass) before priming. Would never have thought of buying ‘military’ primers before pandemic forced ammo shortage, but glad I did. Only wish MidWay would allow 2 cases per order, to ease the cost of having to pay that $25 hazardous material shipping fee on 1 case, but that’s the way it is.

  14. Thomson cris

    Just started to learn the reloading process, the box of 1000 ment I could get a rythm going without stopping

  15. Lovlina Adams

    I use these in my colt 6920. They work fine. I’ll take any primer I can find right now the way it’s good only one allowed. Keep the hoarders t bay.

  16. osthen Athen

    Made about 500 5.56 with these, and no issues. No misfires, and they fit perfectly after buzzing primer pockets with small rifle reamer remover from RCBS.

  17. Bruce Hidden

    I have been using these primers for the last couple of years, and have never had a problem. I have used this primer for my .223 and .300 blkout and have gone through over 5k. What I like about these primers are that the results are always constant.

  18. Benson Noah

    I load these in; .20P, .204R, .223, 5.56, & 6.5X47 L. All these rifles have good spring tension and adequate firing pin protrusion and absolutely no fail to fire. Accuracy is equal to match primers for my use. The #41’s set off 40 grains plus of H4350 or RS Hunter in the 6.5X47L with outstanding accuracy in 30 degree temps. There appears to be less anvil protrusion on the 41’s compared with 450’s.

  19. nalova Dreck

    Someone should take the time to package our primers better since they cost so much. The box they shipped my primers in was HUGE , 2.5’L x 9″ x 9″ The box that the primers were in was open and two of the trays were out almost completely. It would be a disaster to have to pick up spilled primers.

  20. Christina Lee

    I like to use these primers when I am loading Military Spec 5.56 Ammo. I feel more confident relying on the experience from Billions of rounds fired using this military spec primer.

  21. Trevor

    If you are loading to military specs you should use this primer. If you are loading to .223 Rem the regular CCI small rifle primers are fine. I don’t seem to have primer flattening or other signs of primer inadequacy in my 5.56×45 loads

  22. Standley Pulza

    I have loaded over 3000 rounds of match .223 ammo using these primers and they have been 100 percent reliable. I only use Winchester brass and if the primer pocket is prepped properly (see what I did there?) they slide in nice and snug using an RCBS Hand Priming Tool.

  23. Larrry steve

    I use these for 223/556 in Mini-14 and 30 Carbine in a 1943 USGI M1. I shoot the carbine loads in my Blackhawk revolver as well. They fit, and they work. Every time. I have put thousands of my own re-loads through these guns without a failure. All milspec ammo has crimped primers and must be pocket swaged. Like other reviewers, I have encountered crimped commercial cases from Hornady, Winchester, and other brands. Your case prep must include pocket inspection and swaging if required. It’s a simple step I do right before I trim

  24. Mike Lee

    I like using the #41 primers when I reload for my semi auto rifles. They give me a little peace of mind against slam fires. The primers work well. They aren’t bench rest primers, but that’s not their purpose. In thousands of rounds I haven’t yet had a dud and I can get very consistent groups using these primers.

  25. Banny Pearson

    Interesting comparison: Using Hodgdon CFE 223 powder,same load in PMP 223 cases and LC 5.56 cases, with CCI 41 primers in the LC cases and WSR primers in the commercial cases resulted in average velocity of 75 fpm less in the LC cases. Fired in my Roger Mini 14.. My load, 27.5 gr is nearly compressed in the LC cases, but in the PMP cases powder level is somewhat lower, indicating that I could load more powder into the commercial cases. But that doesn’t explain the increased velocity. I purchased the #41 primers simply because of my intent to reload mil spec cases which are plentiful where I shoot. Since I have two more bricks left, I will use them up but am unlikely to reorder them, but switch to Winchester small rifle primers.

  26. Bradley

    Tested these primers loading for my AR rifle. Great primer!!! Slightly thicker cup to help reduce slam fires. No problems and always have fired. No misfires

  27. Judy Be

    These primers are obviously the safest primers to use when reloading for any bolt carrier with a free floating firing pin such as the AR and for that they deserve a solid 5 stars. If you are reloading for accuracy? They fall short compared to other small rifle primers such as CCI 400 and winchester srp. I shot several different loads through my Saber Defence AR 15 chambered in 204 Ruger with a 24″ varmit barrel 1 in 12 twist. The CCI 400 were the most accurate with my best group of .632. The CCI 41 was the worst at 2.184 at 200 yards. Bullets used were sierra 39 gr. Blitzking and H4895 powder..

  28. Ernest Trogo

    These are a must if you’re trying to duplicate military ammunition. The cups are a little harder which is good for those of us that have military rifles with floating firing pins, and they burn a little hotter too.

  29. Glen Price

    I was finally able to get a couple boxes of these primers for loading rounds for my AR. I have had no problems seating these primers in either commercial or mil-spec brass. Ignition has been trouble-free, and I seem to notice that my rifle is grouping somewhat better than with standard small rifle primers I was using. I like these so well, I grabbed up a box for my M1A loads. I fell better, knowing I’m taking an extra precaution against slam-fires by using these primers. I’m satisfied.

  30. Rolland A Troy

    I have reloaded thousands of 223 & 5.56 with different primers. Out of all of them CCI has the best fit, best initial punch & least failures to fire out of all. I highly, highly recommend them.

  31. Chad woodruff

    Reloading .223/5.56. These primers seated well in prepared cases at loading. At the range, they performed as expected. I had 1 AR in the group who’s weapon system didn’t like this primer. We concluded it was the firing pin, but 1 out of 5 wouldn’t fire in his alone. Those un-fired rounds DID fire in other weapons without problem. CCI #41’s are built to military spec; slightly harder than recreational primers to prevent against bump fire. Also will fire under wide varying tempreture and humidity conditions. They are the best for what they are built to be. Test before invest!!

  32. Alfred stik

    Very consistent and very dimensionally uniform primer. This primer characteristic and dependability as I experienced it, definitely dismiss the option that it was manufactured outside of the US (I had some unpleasant surprises with Russian primer products). The fit into the case (223 Remington) is very consistent and quite sound …but I guess the case preparation plays an important role here as well… Very recommended. Thanks, Mario

  33. Ben

    These just work so what else can I say as they have an intended use and I use them for that. Don’t blame the primer if they are a hard fit and try uniforming your pocket. They are harder to make go bang and there is a reason for that ( learn ) I have never had one fail but I have loaded failed rounds.

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