Hornady 32 Auto 60 Grain Hollow Point XTP (eXtreme Terminal Performance) Ammunition (25 Rounds)


Hornady Ammo 32 Auto 60 Grain Hollow Point/XTP (eXtreme Terminal Performance) (25)


  1. Benard Drills

    This shot very well out of my Beretta Tomcat. I experienced no failures to feed, jams, or malfunctions. I would have given it 5 stars, but accuracy was a little erratic, and not as good as other brands I have tried.

  2. rockzen

    I bought a couple of boxes of Hornady 32 acp because it’s hard to find much else in the way of JHP in this caliber. I used these with success in a Kel-Tec P32 but that’s where it stopped. My Walther PP, PPk/s, and CZ 70 has issues. Biggest issue was that the bullet shoved back into the case when it was chambered. I noticed because I cycled a few rounds manually before firing (thank god). Some of the bullets pushed so far back in the casing that they would have likely exploded in the barrel chamber. If using this in an fixed blowback design pistol, with a stiff action, avoid this stuff at all costs.

  3. Luck

    I purchased a Police Trade in Beretta Model 81 in this caliber and needed something to take to the range. This ammo performed perfect and went through this Beretta perfect every time.

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend visionammo store to a friend

  4. king James

    Cycles flawlessly in LWS32 Seecamp. Never had an issue with this round. Hornady is my go-to ammo for all my rifles/pistols/revolvers. Never been disappointed…ever.

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